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A refurbished deck can significantly improve the ambience and appeal of your outdoor space while ensuring it lasts the test of time.

Decks must withstand the full force of nature, 24/7, 365 days a year. Paint 2 IMPRESS understands the unique challenges faced by homeowners due to the extremes of the Canberra climate. Our deck restoration painting services ensure that your timber is up to the task of withstanding the elements. We’ll help you combat common problems faced with deck timber, including rot, weather damage, wood warping, and more.

Regular and preventative maintenance will make sure your deck survives the harsh Canberra conditions. It is much easier to prevent deck deterioration through regular periodic maintenance, than to have to bring a deck back to life after years of neglect. Paint 2 IMPRESS employs a sound process and uses premium products to ensure decks of any age and condition look great again.

Our deck restoration process

Paint 2 IMPRESS will carefully renew your deck

1. Inspection

Paint 2 IMPRESS will carefully inspect your deck to confirm what process to follow in its restoration. The deck’s current condition and its former coating (oil or acrylic) will impact the way we approach the job.

2. Preparation

Restoring a deck starts with careful preparation of the surface. Paint 2 IMPRESS will thoroughly clean the surface to remove all dirt and surface contaminants. If anything needs repair, we can recommend a local carpenter who can fix the issue before we get started. We’ll also finely sand the deck’s surface so the new protective coating will apply evenly and stick securely.

3. Timely and respectful

Paint 2 IMPRESS understands the inconveniences that may arise from having tradesman in your home. We are determined to get your deck restored in a timely and professional way that minimises the impact on your comings and goings. We work around your schedule to the best of our ability and liaise with other trades to deliver your project on time and to a high standard.

4. Clean and tidy

Paint 2 IMPRESS’ team of Canberra painters always take the utmost care when working at your home. We will protect the area surrounding your deck with clean sheets. At the end of each day we will take care to leave your home as tidy as possible so that any disruption is minimised. At completion, we will clean up carefully so that we leave your deck in great condition and ready for you to enjoy.

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